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Free delivery to 69 Škoda partners throughout Slovakia.

How to shop

Thank you for choosing our e-shop for your original Škoda products. Below you will find some practical information on how to navigate the e-shop and how to buy goods.

Selection of goods and adding to cart

The goods are clearly divided into two main categories "for you" and "for your car". The main menu can be easily operated using the top horizontal bar. Here you will find the individual subcategories where the products are located. For more accurate search you can use the left vertical menu, which is used for convenient selection of products by final categories or filters. You can also filter products that can only be installed on a specific vehicle type by the model and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

You can also search for products using the search box in the top horizontal bar. Just start typing and the whisperer will start offering you the right products.
Goods can be placed in the basket either directly from the list of products in the category or from the product card. When you select one of these methods, you will be notified that the item is added to the cart. You can then enter the shopping cart via the icon in the upper right corner of the e-shop.

You can log in at any time while shopping. To do so, use the button in the "Sign in" in the top bar of the e-shop.

Create an order

Creating an order consists of four basic steps.
  • Shopping cart

In the first step you will find an overview of purchased products, number of pieces and price. In this step, you can also enter a discount code if you have one. If the discount code is successfully applied, the total amount will be reduced by the amount corresponding to the discount. If the code is unsuccessful, you will be notified by an error message.
  • Shipping & Payment

In this step, you first select the transport method. Shipping options depend on the type of product you are buying. For example, if one of the products in your order does not allow a particular shipping method, then that shipping method is not displayed in the list. Once you've selected a shipping method, you'll need to select how you pay. Payment methods also vary depending on shipping methods.
  • Contact information

Please fill in your contact information carefully to avoid any problems in delivering your order. You can also shop as an entrepreneur in our e-shop. Just check "Shop for business" and you can enter your company name and identification information. If you wish the delivery address was different than the billing address, check "Deliver to another address".
  • Order summary

The last screen is used to review all your order details. You also have the option to check your marketing consent on this screen. You are also informed that by submitting your order you agree to the terms and conditions.
Order confirmation
By clicking on "Submit Order" you will order the goods you have chosen. You will receive an order confirmation email at the address you provided.    
  • Order confirmation

By clicking on "Submit Order" you will order the goods you have chosen. You will receive an order confirmation email at the address you provided.