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LTE CarStick for to use online services.

LTE CarStick

LTE CarStick for to use online services.

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For owners of any ŠKODA vehicle equipped with the Amundsen infotainment system who want to use online services when on journeys, the LTE CarStick from the ŠKODA Original Accessories range is the ideal choice. This accessory enables the infotainment system to connect to the Internet. Simply insert a SIM card (with stored data) into the LTE CarStick, and then slot this into the vehicle‘s USB input. In just a few seconds, the online services will be activated (indicated by the LED on the LTE CarStick lighting up and remaining lit). The infotainment system enables you to quickly search for petrol stations, restaurants, car parks or a particular destination, as well as offering route guidance. Once the LTE CarStick is connected, no other external devices can be connected to or used via the USB input.

Technical information:
Material: plastic, metal
Weight: 0,1 kg

Set contents: LTE CarStick, operating instructions.
Using: Insert a micro SIM card from a suitable service provider into the LTE CarStick device. Enter the required data and network settings for your mobile phone operator, etc.
SIM card as a gift contains 1GB of data for 28 days.

Installation position: Insert the LTE CarStick into the car‘s USB input.

Notice: Only remove the LTE CarStick from the USB input after the ignition has been switched off.

Designed for cars:
Fabia III - from the calendar week 22/2017
Rapid - from the calendar week 22/2017
Rapid Spaceback - from the calendar week 22/2017

Octavia III facelift - - from the calendar week 09/2017
Superb III - from the calendar week 22/2017

Restriction: Only for externally-connected vehicles with online infotainment.

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